i looked extensively for a simple employee file system built using Drupal and didn't find any. so i made one.
it's still in development but i feel good about the site to at least have it shown to people here for your criticisms.

i needed a simple HR system that will track the following:

- employee personal file
- leave request
- service request (like a mini-ticket system)
- overtime request (and whether for cash conversion or for offsetting)
- undertime request
- posting company job openings
- posting company wide announcements

my biggest challenge was keeping content secure (for content and files that are confidential) so this is where i spent most of my time on. i've put this thing together in 2 days.

right now there is only 1 role (human resource) for managing all the employees but later i would like to expand this to able to add supervisor role so that supervisor can also approve leaves, overtime, etc.

still on my to-do list:

- system wide notifications
- lots of theming! (i suck at this)
- export data to csv/excel for reporting

you can find the demo below:


to login:

jane.hr (123456) - human resource role
juan.cruz (123456) - employee
john.doe (123456) - employee

(EDIT: sorry guys i am no longer able to maintain the demo site, please just download directly.)

please provide feedback and recommendations!

you can download the Employee File System here

if you have questions about EFS, you can reach me at myredjumpsuit [at] gmail [dot] com


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by the way i used garland as the base theme coz i like how it maximizes the screen. any other theme recommendation is also appreciated!

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At some point, I'd like to try some proof-of-concepts using Drupal as a HRIS system...

What modules are you using? I imagine content access, acl, field_permissions, role delegation and rules would come in very handy.

Good luck with the site!

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We initially started working on it for D6 for Galaminds Intranet solution. You can get the first committed code from http://drupal.org/project/galatranet - to see if it is of some use.

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today's my first day of learning drupal. got assigned with a project that has a back-office site and client wants it implemented in drupal. i doubted the idea at first mainly because i like it better implemented in zend framework and i had doubt whether drupal is viable. but seeing this kind of project, which i think can be extended to be used as a back office system, really helped me out.

nice work, good luck!

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Could you tell me about module is used of this site?
thank you

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I'm currently migrating our intranet to drupal 7 I've decided on the twitter bootstrap theme.


I'm also going to be using LDAP for authentication just waiting for the current dev release to support groups/roles.

We don't actually use it as the main database but more as a presentation layer to deliver information from other systems, we also use Domain Access to publish content to external customers and employees offsite. I'm currently trying to persuade my manager that we could also host our website in the same way.

Cheers Dan

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I'm using open atrium which is based on drupal 6. Can your module work on drupal 6?


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I've closed the demo site as I am no longer able to maintain it. If anyone wants to host the demo, you can contact me to help setup. thanks!