The focus of this issue is to implement the emerging web technology, web intents to improve unmanaged file support for the media module.

An example and specification of the details that need to be implemented can be found (outside of a Drupal context) here:

As you can see the amount of work needed to be completed in order to have this advanced functionality is very simple. Just a collection of markup. I imagine that the technical difficulty is handling the image once it is available. How can we push the image into a text editor? How can we upload the image to the Drupal site? How do we manage that interaction.

I don't know any of those details but I can get this issue started.

Web intents have a potential of making web applications better by providing a common implementation of features that nearly every CMS needs. It's pushing common functionality a level deeper than the framework. It's becoming part of the web standard.


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Assigning to myself so I don't lose track of this issue.

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It looks like there hasn't been much rallying around pick intent. I'd suggest implementing this as a separate module and filing issues for any blockers that would prevent you from doing so.