I upgraded (by accident!) to version 3 today and noticed a few warnings about undefined variables. I fixed it by adding this line at the top of function at_build_panels_layout_css($panel_styles, $device_panels_data), around line 70 in adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/forms/at_core.submit.builders.inc:

  $declarations = $these_groups = $these_selectors_styles = array();

I'm actually using the footheme, which I guess works best with version 2, but like I said, it was an accident. So this might not be an actual bug, just an artefact of my install.


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I'm subtheming Pixture Reloaded and seeing the following...

Notice: Undefined variable: these_selectors_styles in at_build_panels_layout_css() (line 97 of ..../sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/forms/at_core.submit.builders.inc).


Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in at_build_panels_layout_css() (line 97 of ..../sites/all/themes/adaptivetheme/adaptivetheme/at_core/inc/forms/at_core.submit.builders.inc).

Are these related to your issue? I'm not sure your fix works in my case..


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Eric, looks exactly like the notices I had. Insert the line as specified in the issue summary and that should solve it.

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Dumb question - do I need the open/close PHP tags?


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Nope, just

$declarations = $these_groups = $these_selectors_styles = array();
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Ok, it works now.. somehow I ended up with a copy of the entire adaptivetheme directory inside another... once I deleted it, things were ok.

Very strange.


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Did you need to apply the fix I suggested, or did straightening your files fix it?

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Both... it also seems I'm having a weird issue with the Pixture Reloaded subtheme I'm using where the block I'm placing at the top of the content div has lost all of its styling.

I'm going to hold off doing the updates until I can figure that one out...


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I'm using footheme as well and was having 4 similar errors to OP. I added the code above to line 71 of at_core.submit.builders.inc and that removed the warnings. I thank you for the suggestion!

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This is most likely to occur when there is nothing selected for a panels layout option, e.g. in theme settings one or more of the layouts has nothing selected.

This seems like a pretty good workaround but always check there is something set for each panels layout.

Thanks Robin Millette, I have committed this fix.

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