Kompanjoner.se by Rabash Web & Design Cooperative

Coompanion Göteborg has for a long time seen the need for a meeting place where people can find partners to start a company together. The project started as a LinkedIn group, but Coompanion saw potential and wanted to reach a larger audience with a website.

Kompanjoner.se is a meeting place for freelancers, cooperatives and other companies who are searching for professional collaborations. The website is also meant to encourage and strengthen the cooperative business model.

By becoming members, users can find like-minded people and present their ideas through advertisements. Others can search through the ads, contact the authors or write comments.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Rabash has been building Drupal sites for more than four years, and it is usually our CMS of choice because of its stability, flexibility and many community modules.

For this project, we chose Drupal because of the ability to easily create an entire community with user permissions, customized profiles, comments and contact forms.

We strive to make our sites as accessible and search engine optimized as possible, and Drupal 7 makes our work easier.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Our goal was to create a community website that helped users to find collaborations and interact with each other easily.


  • Easy to become a member. Visitors are encouraged to become members through clear call-to-action buttons and a user-friendly interface in a few easy steps.
  • Profile pages. Members of the site have their own profile page where they can upload an image and introduce themselves. Contact forms on every profile page to encourage interaction.
  • Connection to LinkedIn. Visitors can connect with LinkedIn when they create an account, and their information on LinkedIn will be automatically transferred to their profile page at Kompanjoner.se. Users that already have an account can also make the same connection.
  • Ability to remain anonymous. Users who wish to remain anonymous can use a pseudonym. A valid email address must always be provided at registration, but it will not be visible to others.
  • Subscriptions. The ability to subscribe to advertisements.
  • Searching. Visitors can search for ads and users and filter by industry.

A problem we encountered was that user profiles are not indexed by default, and therefore you cannot search for keywords in a user's profile. That became a problem because we wanted to be able to search for more than a user name, for example education and experience.
Our solution was to use the computed fields module to allow indexing of the fields in the profile. While this is not an ideal solution, it seemed as the best.


Rabash were able to create a website that met all of the project requirements. With the help of its members and the power of Drupal, Kompanjoner.se has become a cooperative meeting point.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

LinkedIn were used to allow users to connect to and transfer information from their LinkedIn account.
Realname registration were used for visitors to create accounts without entering a username.
LoginToboggan were used for visitors to login with their email address, instead of their username.
Subscriptions were used to allow users to subscribe to advertisements.
Comment notify lets you subscribe to comments.
Computed Field is used to allow indexing of user profiles.
LESS CSS Preprocessor is a module we always use for preprocessing LESS files, making the coding of css faster.

Team members: 
Advertisement page of Kompanjoner.se
About us page of Kompanjoner.se
Graphical elements of Kompanjoner.se