I'm trying to generate a simple directory of my website users through Views. Right now I'm using Usernode module which is giving me a lot of trouble.
I would be much happier if I could use Bio module instead. BUT, then I have to ask all my users "Please go and write something in your Bio text area", which is not very user-friendly and not very intuitive.

So I need your little help. If I could have some sort of default text in the Bio body like "Hello, World! I'll write more here when I get the time", that would be same a lot of headeache. So how can I insert a default text for all Bio for all new members? (of course this should be something that users will be able to change later on).

I know it could be something as small as just one line of code. But I'm not a programmer.

Please help... I'm in desperation...

Thank you very much!!!


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See http://drupal.org/node/162121 - if you enforce bio creation you don't need defaults.

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I would like to provide default text in the body field for a different reason. Does anyone know how to do that per content type? I want to insert a different default html template into the body field of each content type. Any suggestions?