I occasionally get an error that my translation request has been rejected when I click 'Submit to Translator'. This seems to happen intermittently, and re-submitting once the translator works again is fine.

It would be nice to have a more meaningful error message, or ideally, if the translator would automatically try to re-submit the translation for me.

Rejected by Microsoft Translator: TranslateApiExceptionMethod: Translate()Message: Cannot find an active Azure Market Place Translator Subscription associated with the request credentials.message id=3838.V2_Rest.Translate.4715AA2B
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That might be a service irregularity, but not our fault.
If e.g. they have a cluster where one node is out of sync (where e.g. your account was not properly propagated) that might happen...
Did you signup very recently at Microsoft?

Resubmitting a job in case of submission failure is really not what proper code should do. For typical services that e.g. fail due to overload, this results in even more overload and make the system to recover even harder.

If you can record some transmission data, that might help a bit. However, the error message is clear to me: Your authorization check failed for any reason like my guesses above.

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Same is happening to me. Double checked that the api key is fine, i'll try again tomorrow and will let you know (i subscribed just a few minutes ago, maybe it still has to propagate)

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Again, same error.

I've read in the support forums that sometimes a wrong url causes this error. Can someone please check that this still works for him\her?

I also tried generating a new key, but nothing.

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Similar story happened. I was trying to submit 3 nodes and got the error.

They should have manual translation option in module like the Drupal's own translation system is not there.


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It started working "magically". Probably the service is just unreliable as pixelite suggests.

Will keep you updated.

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I've been working with Sifro on this over on the Microsoft Forums. I work with the MS Translator team.

The error message you have gotten is one that is thrown when the authentication service is called, for a token, with no, or missing credentials.

I'd recommend everyone go through this article for a step-by-step in how to get the credentials:

Then, ensure that your module is configured correctly to use them. Sifro sent me some of the source, and there a number of areas where it reads them from a configuration file. Make sure that it is reading them correctly and using them. I saw in the code that there is a 'fall back' to the old Bing API Key, and I'm afraid that some of you are running code that uses that, which would trigger this error.

If you are running Drupal on a development box, I strongly recommend using a tool called HTTP Fiddler, which can be used to sniff all incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic. You could use this to look at the calls to/from the Translator service, and the Azure Authentication Service to make sure you are sending the right stuff to them.

It's also a great tool for debugging other service calls :)


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I am having this issue - not intermittent, although my account is only 2 days old.

The URL for the POST is:

The data for the POST request is

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I have the same problem, is there any solution?

i made a php file with API V2 of Microsoft Translate and it didn´t worked

i made a php file with API V1 of Microsoft Translate and it did worked

could it be possible to change the plugin of Microsoft Translator from V2 to V1?

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Component: Code » Documentation

==== HOT NEWS ====

I finally found the solution. It seems that microsoft designed the process very complicated to register a translation application. Thanks to other developers there is a documentation video that explains the required steps. I bet you forgot or misunderstood at least one step, just like me.

Here's the Video explanation:

So I'd suggest to write a good documentation and create or link the video?

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How can we get that explanation on the module page? Is the module developer still active?