When running my disable/uninstall tests without cleaning up properly after previous experiments, I managed to end up with the following situationmess:

  • @font-your-face main module is enabled,
  • Google Fonts API module is enabled but fonts are not imported yet,
  • @font-your-face UI module is not enabled,
  • some Google fonts are declared in themename.info.

I get

The google_fonts_api font that is added to the theme .info file cannot be loaded. This is probably because the import has not been run yet. Run import to add fonts.

...but the link points to a page that isn't there. (its menu parent, admin/config/user-interface, is loaded instead)

This might well be an edge case, but the ability of users to get into edge cases should not be underestimated. :) Probably the message should read 'Enable @font-your-face UI module and run import to add fonts' if UI module is not enabled.

#2 fontyourface-Fix_Run_import_instructions_if_fontyourface_UI_not_enabled_1705158-2.patch1.76 KBDrave Robber
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I agree, we should change the message to suggest enabling the UI (without a link to a UI page) if it's not already enabled. This made me think it could also be nice to have a way to do imports without the UI: #1705216: Add Drush integration

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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 9 pass(es). View

This is indeed an edge case, because in addition to all the mess listed in #0 it also takes missing internet connection at the moment Google Fonts API module is enabled (if there is connection, import runs automatically).

Here's a patch nevertheless.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.