After spending around 45 minutes searching Google and this forum and everywhere else I'm shocked at how disorganized the documentation side of this site is, I have always had problems finding things here but was always able to figure it out myself or find results on the web to help but this is amazing to me. Can somebody please post a URL to the official logo, this is preventing me from releasing a GPL theme for the community.



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Actually it's quite easy to find: Handbooks > About Drupal > Marketing resources > Drupalicon. Took me less than a minute to find, and that was the first time I visited the Marketing resource pages.

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Well kudos for finding it but to me the organization of it seems very odd and I wasn't able to find it by navigation or searching, it is 3 categories deep in areas that don't to me seem immediately apparent to me anyways, it was very frustrating. Perhaps it could be put somewhere theme related.

I think its important to remember when archiving things that are absurdly generic name wise like "drupal logo" you need to put it a few places or somewhere really apparent like /logo as search engines will have a hard time finding it specifically, thats my 2 cents anyways.

Again, thanks, I was losing my mind.

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one can also find it in their Drupal download in the misc folder.
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That is most good, most good.

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search by logo

search by Druplicon

Though I am really confused as to why your not having the Druplicon logo would prevent you from releasing a GPL theme.

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Test site, always start with a test site.
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There's an EPS copy available here:

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To clarify this issue for someone who stumbles upon it the links provided do NOT link to the official Drupal logo which can now be found here: