11 Plus Exam Solutions

11 Plus Exam Solutions provides topic wise sample papers and quiz for Maths and Verbal Reasoning to practice and prepare for the Eleven Plus Grammar Schools in the UK.

The 11 Plus Exam Solutions website contains a comprehensive and organized set of test papers for Maths and Verbal Reasoning. With our platinum membership, you are also able to download the mock tests in PDF format.

11 Plus Exam Solutions is the one-stop shop for 11 Plus Practice Papers, 11 Plus Exam Papers, 11 Plus Mock Tests, 11 Plus Maths Papers, 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Papers and all your Eleven Plus Exams related queries.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

We chose Drupal since it offered us the most advanced functionality in minimal development time. The number and quality of modules and themes available for Drupal surpasses any other PHP framework. Plus it was easily deployable in our hosting environment.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

There are many websites that provide solutions for 11 Plus Exam preparations, but based on our experience there is no website that provides topic wise questions to help a child develop his skills in the particular subject in which he needs more attention.
To surpass this limitation, we have created 11 Plus Exam Solutions.

The website provides free registration to be able to try out the sample papers and then if the user wants he/she can buy any membership.

Since the website is focussed on students of young age, we wanted their accounts to be managed by their parents. So the requirement was that the student should only be able to give quiz and interact with each other on the forum, but the overall account management of the child should be done by the Parent. So this has been done by the extremely powerful Role Management provided out of the box in Drupal.

We chose Drupal 6 over Drupal 7 because we have used the Drupal Quiz module and the Membership Suite which at the time of making the website were available only for Drupal 6, otherwise we would definitely have gone for Drupal 7.

All in all we are happy with the end outcome and hope that our website is useful for many children who are aiming to get into the top grammar schools. We have also created a blog for the website for those who are interested to remain updated.

Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

The core module that we wanted to use was the Quiz module. We chose this module because it provided exactly all the features that we wanted to create a Quiz based website to help polish a child's skills in a particular subject of interest and to help his parents monitor his progress using the reports created.

We bought the Membership Suite since it was the ideal solution to provide our members the possibility to buy a membership or to upgrade from one membership to the other

The Subuser module was critical to help provide the functionality of a parent being able to monitor his child's account and progress.

The website is based on the Duplex theme by Antsin. The Duplex theme seemed a subtly designed mix of colors and a user friendly layout. Hence that was chosen for the website.

Project team: