The directory has 6300 images, and growing. When attaching a image from a CT field, and going from File Browser > Browse > and clicking "image" (directory in question), takes a good 16-17 seconds to load the files in the directory.

Granted, the number of files is large, but it is only going to grow, what are step that can help performance of this case? The url in this window is:


I tried creating sub directories, but there does not appear to be a way to drag-drop or move images into sub directories. Also, I don't see a place that would have pagination, to load, say, 500 images at a time.

How do I go about solving this problem?


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IMCE does not support pagination.
You may disable the extra features defined in imce-content.tpl.php by commenting out the js lines. Other than that, the load speed is limited to your browser's DOM rendering performance.

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I had exactly the same issue and I just changes in IMCE settings default upload directory to new one with 0 files inside and it works fast again. Just go to admin/settings/imce/profile/edit/1 and change default directory name to new one.


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I'm having the same issue. I can't seem to figure out where to turn off the directory listing so it doesn't even make the call to get the file list.

Any help? Thanks!

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Try to create new empty directory for uploaded files and tell IMCE save images there. It will help you for quite some time to avoid this issue. But would be great to automate this process .. maybe create cron-job which do check and create new directory and set it as base dir for IMCE.

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One solution would be to change the configuration profile to have the default path be something else, e.g.:

php: return 'users/'.$user->uid.'/'.date('Y');

That will create directories in the format users/[uid]/[year]. Obviously the existing path will have to still be available, but all new files would go into a much cleaner URL structure.

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I'm making pagination into a feature request, instead of temporary work arounds.

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I need pagination too. There's patch in #974568: Paging:

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