When enabling 'Restrict node views for administrators' all unpublished nodes for a valid domain are hidden from administrators: nobody can edit the content anymore. The node_access table shows a 'grant_view' of 0 (presumable due to being an unpublished node).

I wish to use "Restrict node views for administrators" in order to to restrict content for admins by domain, but not to hide unpublished content... Is this a bug or a "feature"?


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That feature only works on list queries, so it's probably a "feature with a side-effect."

However, if the user can view unpublished content (a core permission), that rule should be applied before this query is run -- when looking at an individual node page.

On what page(s) are these nodes being hidden?

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Hidden on the Drupal 'Content' page at /admin/content

I have workaround though: use Domain Views and Views Bulk Operations, and you can recreate your own /admin/content page with preferred filters.

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I think this is "by design". The problem, at root, is that you cannot write a query that covers the unpublished nodes as well.

See #1673794: Translation tab has problems with unpublished nodes when using modules that implement hook_node_grants for a related issue that explores this problem.

In theory, we might be able to add an additional access realm for unpublished nodes, but I'm hesitant to do so because of the complexity that will introduce.

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I have also encountered this situation that admin ($uid = 1) cannot see unpublished content, and realised that this can be easily fixed by assigning all domain websites to admin in the user edit page.

It will be nice if all domains have been assigned to admin when new domains have been created.