I've implement a module, where I leverage the checkout process without having the cart functionality. So I disabled the cart module, but it turned out the review-pane for showing the order's content on the review step is provided via the "shopping cart contents" pane.

Turns out this pane lists the content of the order anyway, not the content of the cart (as it should be). Thus, I think this pane should be provided by the checkout module not by the cart module.


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I've noted that the cart module also cares about anonymous access to this order content. That makes sense as the cart module is the one that associates the order with the session, still the pane itself should work without the cart module.

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Title: order content checkout pane depends on cart » Add an order summary checkout pane that isn't dependent on Cart
Category: bug » feature
Status: Active » Postponed

I'm going to retitle this issue to get at what seems to be the problem. I think the Cart module checkout pane is working as designed, and from the code it's pretty clear we put it in Cart as a way to expose other Cart data. But it does leave a legitimate need for a similar View or a modified one that is in the Order module itself. We can't just move the one as is without breaking everyone's site (because I wouldn't put a View or checkout pane identified by "Cart" stuff in another module) - so at least in the 1.x branch, the best we could do would be to add a checkout pane to show an order review that mimics the default cart contents pane.

Might be best for that to happen in contrib for 1.x and then fix in 2.x. In a minor update, we just can't make a change like renaming Views or checkout panes.