It would be nice to be able to choose Public or Private for an IMCE's profile folders, instead of using forcing the path to be based on the default file system ()
Would anything limit this from working? I would be willing to come up with a patch if there isn't any huge blockers to this feature.


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You can access other file systems by path. Ex: /imce/private, /imce/s3

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With the private file system set as Drupal's default file system, when I add "imce/public" in the imce directory path, it creates folders in the private folder, making the whole path for images "/system/files/sites/default/files/public/images/"
How can I set IMCE to use the non-default file system (in my case, public)?

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Same issue here, with private file system as the default. I can't see how to access the public files via IMCE.

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I guess this is a duplicate of #1562162: Private files directory outside files/, though.

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I have private files folder within sites/default/files and I still can't get IMCE to show the public files.