Not sure if this is a views issue, an i18n issue, or an i18nviews issue...

I am using a taxonomy with the option " Localize. Terms are common for all languages, but their name and description may be localized."

Everything works perfectly. However, if I enable the "Taxonomy term" view, 2 things happen:
1) Language filter does not work. Term pages display nodes of all languages.
Not sure if this is expected behaviour, however I had this fixed when I added a new filter "Content translation: Language (= Current user's language)".
2) Taxonomy term pages stopped displaying their translated title (term name), and displayed the original term name as title (h1) instead.
I have not found a solution to the 2nd issue. This only happens when using views (when I enable the default taxonomy term view).


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Project:Internationalization» Internationalization Views
Version:7.x-1.7» 7.x-3.x-dev
Component:Taxonomy» Code
Category:bug» support

Moving to i18n views issue queue.

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Category:support» bug
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