The Related programs and applications has links to a mere six services and tools almost exclusively for theming. I question the value of such a minimal list, especially with its significant quality issues. At best, it's in the wrong handbook (developer's instead of themer's), but I think it might be better removed altogether. I think maintaining a catalog of development tools in general is beyond the scope of the handbooks.


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We aren't using Documentation issue reports to report problems with Community Documentation pages any more. I added a link to this issue as a comment on the page. I also marked the page for copy review. Please feel free to edit the page!

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There is no way to remove that page for unprivileged users.

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I have moved the page to the Theming Guide and opened the issue again as the page needs some love. Or maybe we all agree it's better removed?

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There is similar development tools page. We could just move the page to archive.