In the attached screenshot, Firebug shows that the node on my frontpage is not being rendered in the content-region. When the node is rendered anywhere other than the frontpage, then it is properly wrapped in a region-content div. To better illustrate what happens, note that the border bleeds over into the SidebarFirst region. This border is part of the content.

To make sure I hadn't corrupted Navin, I reinstalled it and only added a few regions in the footer. There are no changes to js, css, or templates. Everything else is pristine. There are no Delta templates and the Context module is disabled. I've looked all through the files in the Navin theme to find anything that might cause the frontpage to render differently and haven't found anything.

Can anyone confirm that Navin will render nodes on the frontpage that are wrapped in the region-content div?

I've been struggling with this for two weeks. I posted a message over at Omega issues last week and Hydra helped me understand that the problem is the node not being wrapped in the content-region. I'll appreciate you guys helping me understand what's going on. Thanks in advance.

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