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Created by: bojanz
Created on: July 20, 2012 - 19:22
Last updated: July 20, 2012 - 19:27
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

This is the last Kickstart v2 alpha release.
Now containing the first version of the installation without demo store content (with a custom theme still to be added), the beginnings of a new "Getting Started" screen, as well as many other fixes and improvements.

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha2:

  • #1691064: Enable the Commerce Checkout Progress module.
  • #1676730 by Haza: Added Improve the Getting Started screen.
  • Add "From" prefix on product-list price-formater
  • fixing old blue from node edit pages
  • #1694422 by dudenhofer: Fixed Tweak visual styling toolbar
  • Fix dummy order creation
  • #1665650 reported by michfuer : Breadcrumbs for content and product types are wrong.
  • #1665512 : Phantom links in breadcrumb
  • Remove old Visa payment.
  • #1635258 by vasike: Added option for default address copying
  • Dispatch all user permission in their corresponding features, allowing the user features not to be dependant of a lot of other modules.
  • #1685104 by vasike: Fixed strict warning on user order page
  • fixing some minor margin and alignment issues in admin theme
  • #1665618 by haza: Fixed All Products page filtering, input confusion.
  • #1686598 by vasike: Fixed Parent menu item Menu in the Products view of Commerce Backoffice module
  • #1673550 : Remove the demo bar, rework the reset page
  • #1685100 by vasike: Fixed strict warnings on Products Page for Kickstart inline help
  • #1683208 by vasike: Fixed action links alter for Products page in Commerce Kickstart Lite Product UI
  • Add shadow for addtocart popin also bring some fixes on IE..., edit register link on login page.
  • Fix theme for no demo content.
  • Cleanup and reorganize the installation code.
  • #1683208 by vasike: Fixed action links alter for Products page in Commerce Kickstart Product UI
  • Improve dummy order creation : set an order history with backoffice messages.
  • Split the slideshow from commerce_kickstart_merchandising so that it can be chosen and installed independently.
  • #1665594 : Storage Capacity Taxonomy Default Order
  • #1689620: Move migrations from commerce_kickstart_migrate into parent modules.
  • Fix User top bar positionning when admin toolbar is active.
  • Fix cart block under Firefox..
  • #1686496: Internet Explorer css problem on login page.
  • #1672382: Sliders for price ranges (All products display, for example) don't work on mobile devices.
  • Theme, quick fixes on user account (for responsive).
  • #1687992: Theming - The shipping bar is over the top user bar.
  • Remove the dependency to commerce_kickstart_merchandising on commerce_kickstart_blog.
  • No content install : when setting up the omega theme, also update the blocks from commerce_kickstart_content so that they are not in the default content region.
  • #1677282 by vasike: Added new filters to the admin content View.
  • issue #1677810: Rework the HTML order template that is sent by email.
  • Quick fix in commerce_kickstart_migrate. Get the arguments before calling the parent's contructor.
  • #1634554 by haza: Provide a 'without demo store content" installation for Kickstart.
  • #1673510 by vasike: Make sure addressbook module is enabled before using it in commerce_kickstart_user.
  • #1676748 : Revise UI on Product & Order management screens
  • #1676802 by vasike: Renamed Activity to History for Order Tab
  • Update CSS: Prepare checkout tables to react on "responsive", update HP top ad link Offer details as a "block".
  • Update Facet API patch, fixing yesterday's search regression.
  • #1672398 by vasike: Fixed singular search results message
  • #1681692 by adixon: Fix the administer products permission issue.
  • #1665082 by vasike: Added access to the Order Status form in Commerce Backoffice module
  • #1672436 by vasike: Moved error messages inside checkout pane fieldsets
  • #1676260 by lsolesen: Update strongarm, search_api, facetapi, search_api_ranges, module_filter.
  • #1670986 by GuGuss: Fix the search for product display titles.
  • Quick fix about the username and password changed during install - Username was left at the custom value even if the checkbox was unchecked after changing the values.
  • Fix shopping cart view.
  • Remove grey color on input fields.
  • #1676786 by GuGuss: Added Allow users to change the default username/password during the install.
  • #1662732 reported by Amitaibu: Remove hardcoded to variable_get() usage in blocks in favor of t().
  • issue #1679252: Commerce kickstart help translation.
  • Continue the rtl css for commerce kickstart.
  • commerce_kickstart_search is overriden after install. Fixing that.
  • Fix top ad on narrow/small devices.
  • Fix margin for cart block on user top menu.
  • #1676322: Design breaks a little when translated.

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