Artsmith Media is a web development company headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Our team consists of ten individuals with a wealth of experience in a number of fields. We specialize in building web systems for clients that are both elegant and highly functional. In addition to web development, we provide services in graphic design, communications strategy, marketing strategy, and on-going support and maintenance.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional client service. The majority of our clients has come from client referrals, which we believe exemplifies our success. We are passionate about the success of our clients and we work diligently to see them reach their goals.

Our team uses an open-source content management system (CMS) called Drupal for each of our projects. When designing and building systems, we focus on the front and back-end of the systems. We recognize that the user experience is equally important as the data that is collected and managed on the back-end. Our system is quite sophisticated and it allows our clients to manage, add, edit, and delete all content, images, videos, and other content types of their website.

The team at Artsmith Media is strategicially-focused and results-oriented. We understand that the world is continuing to move to the web and in order to be successful, every organization needs a solution that works around their internal workflow.

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Learn More about us or drop us a line. We love meeting new people.

Drupal contributions

Our team is developing a distribution of Drupal that has significantly reduced our productivity time. While developing this distribution (which we are not ready to release to the community yet) we have contributing many patches to other contributed modules. We are using a lot of Features in this distribution, but there are also key modules that we have included.

Specific contributions include work to the SEO Modules for Drupal 7, patches to the Webform Module, patches and solutions for Features Override, advice and assistance to other developers and helping spread the word about Drupal as much as possible.

Additionally, our team members are co-organizers of the Hampton Roads Drupal Meetup located near Virginia Beach, Virginia. We are slowing building an impressive crowd of Drupalers and are excited to be helping in developing the community.