We're currently using an extremely old logo. I understand the project is deprecated, but we should keep the logo up to date:


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For now I removed the old logo from the project page as per scott_gonzalez had indicated use of the old logo possibly violates a trademark issue. If he's ok with adding an up-to-date logo in, it would be good to have him comment on this issue.

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Use of the new logo is fine. I'm pretty sure the logo that was up was a modified version of the original logo. I don't think we ever had a green logo for UI, but we did have that exact font and layout on the original UI site. Back then we didn't have a registered trademark or any rules about how to use the logo. I would link to our trademark usage policy, but we're still in the final stages of finalizing it...

Basically there were two problems with the logo that was on the page. The first, which is the one that has always caught my eye, is that the color was changed from orange to green. The second, which is something we're about to start enforcing, is that if the text accompanies the icon, it must be the unaltered official logo text.

At the time that the logo was put on the page, the use was probably fine. Thanks for addressing this so quickly :-)

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Priority: Critical » Major

Not so critical now that the old one has been taken down. Thanks guys!