Is there a way without coding (or at least a workable way for a none programmer) to add a custom field(source) to be used as the mapping target for the processor.
The feeds I am using has additional fields that I really need but are not supported by the common syndication parser.

When using the image grabber a additional field for the image come's available as source, Isn't something like this possible for a additional text field?

(of course have I been searching and reading all the information I could find, but nothing I could use (understand).

thanks for your time.


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same question here, is this possible?

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No, there isn't. You will have to code a new parser in order to get more sources and then code a new processor to make up new targets. If you're dealing with a common extension to Atom or RSS (like Youtube API or Wordpress exports) you can search for a contributed module.

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