My problem is that, on the front page, the content of the Content Region is bleeding over into the Sidebar First Region. To illustrate the problem, look at the first screenshot, and you'll see a border that covers the Sidebar First Region. This border is part of the code in the Content Region. The screenshot also shows Firebug info.

But when the same content is rendered on a normal page (not the front page) then the content of the Content Region does not bleed over into the Sidebar First Region. The second screenshot shows the same content rendered on a normal page, along with Firebug info.

I would appreciate suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or how I might go about redesigning things to get a functioning homepage.

What's really interesting is that, even with the bleeding, in Safari and Firefox, the links in Sidebar First Region work properly. But in Chrome they do not work. This makes me think it's a Javascript problem instead of HTML or CSS.

Info is:

The theme is a copy of Navin, which is based on Omega. I did not subtheme Navin, but rather made a copy. I'm pretty sure that everything was changed properly, but I acknowledge that my theme was not generated properly by subtheming Omega, nor subtheming Navin.
I have tried to create the front page using an Omega Panel and the same bleeding occurs.
I have not tried to create a homepage using Delta.
I have tried using Context to place the Sidebar First blocks in the Sidebar First Region and the same bleeding occurs.

I've been struggling with this for over a week. I'd really appreciate some suggestions. I'll do the work, but I'm just at a loss to know where to begin.

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As you can see in your firebug information, the node on your frontpage is not rendered in the content-region. Therefore it is not working as expected.
Did you override the template for the frontpage? Or are you doeing something with Delta to display the frontpage?

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I think I may be having the same problem. I'm trying to use a custom panel page as my front page.

When the panel page is not set as Drupal's front page, it looks just fine. (See working-panel-page.png.) But, when it's set as the front page, it breaks. (See not-working-panel-page-because-front.png.) Looking at the DOM with Firebug, I can see that the normal Omega section, zones, and regions that the front page should be appearing in aren't present. (See dom-structure-of-not-work-front-page.png.) When I turn on forced region rendering, the section, zone, and region are outputted, but not the panel page. (See not-working-front-page-with-forced-region-rendering.png.)

Interestingly, the same phenomenon happens with Drupal's default content list. (See dom-structure-of-not-working-default-front-page.png.) This leads me to believe that it's a Omega theme issue.

No contexts or deltas were used in the process.

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I have problems with Omega and the frontpage too.

My setup:
I use a views block which displays the title as links of the content type article. But when I display the block on the frontpage nothing happens when I click on the title/link. I could open the link if I right-clicked and select open in new tab, but thats isn't the usecase I've in mind ;-)
I even added a picture which is linked to the articles content, which works even on the frontpage. But the title/link only works when its not displayed on the frontpage.
Its a JavaScript thing, because when I deactivate js in the Web Developer Add-on I can click on the links and use them correctly...

So, does somebody have a clue?