I have installed this for Us/Canada and it works well, I put in 1112223333 and it formats (111) 222-333. If I input 1112223333 444 It will format (111) 222-3333 x444. It I input 1112223333 4444 it gives an error, if I change the extension to 3 digits (444) it will save the node. I did not see any issue int he queue regarding this.


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If I put in my phone number, plus 4 digits, it works fine. I you're getting errors on the phone number validation itself.

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Yes, here is the error I get, if I only use three digit extension, it works fine.



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I was looking through the module and noticed that in the file phone/countries.txt, I see the us => US but do not see a file in in the phone/include/phone.us.inc



THere is one for Canada, does the module use phone.ca.inc for US as well?