As of now, custom breadcrumbs only allows the user to add one breadcrumb for a vocabulary. This seems somewhat arbitrary and there are rare cases (such as mine) where the vocabulary represents a part of the site hierarchy that is several crumbs down from root. In short, I'd like to see support for multiple breadcrumb links extended from the node breadcrumbs to the term and vocabulary breadcrumbs.


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If I understand bcaimano's request correctly I also think this would be valuable addition (in case I misunderstood, please accept my apologies). Let me illustrate with a simple example of clothing. Your product(_display) nodes would have term reference fields to two vocabularies:

Vocaublary 1: Department
Term 1.1: Women
Term 1.2: Men
Term 1.3: Children

Vocabulary 2: Category
Term 2.1: Trousers
Term 2.1.1: Baggy
Term 2.1.2: Straight
Term 2.2: Shirts
Term 2.2.1: Long sleave
Term 2.2.2: Short sleave

In this example it could make sense to have a breadcrumb on the form:
[department] >> [category], for example:
Women >> Shirts >> Long sleave

Or is this already possible/easily accomplished by custom code?