I want to have a customized column width for certain column on my site. I am using view table. May I know how to go doing it? Thanks in advance.

[column 1] | [ column 2 ] | [column 3] | [ column 4 ]


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theming views howto's here

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you could also update your css through is classes.. if you have a link of your issue i could create css for you using firebug..

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i dont know whether u found your answer or not..
what I did was, I updated style.css file in themes/
/css folder. I just added simple class like :
.distri_column1 {width:15%;}
.distri_column2 {width:35%;}
.distri_column3 {width:25%;}
.distri_column4 {width:25%;}

And then configure each field/column in Views>Configure Field>Style Settings>Customize Field HTML = NONE and Create a CSS class>distri_column1 and refrsh your View. I know this is not 100% professional but quick approach...

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thanks Ananya MultiTech, your suggestion solved my problem. :)

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It's worked for me too, thank you.

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.distri_column1 {width:15%;}
.distri_column2 .... etc

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+1 :)