Working on a localhost install and the domain is a singular word. While this in itself is another issue, #744970: Domain validation is way too strict, the validation of the filter form itself fails even with the filter in a disabled state.

function wysiwyg_filter_filter_wysiwyg_settings_validate($form, &$form_state) {
$values =& $form_state['values']['filters']['wysiwyg']['settings'];
// Don't validate disabled filters.
if (empty($form_state['values']['filters']['wysiwyg']['status'])) {


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And the patch

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I have same problem in 7.x-1.6-rc2. After I applied patch #1 the problem has been resolved.


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yes, this is annoying. please commit!

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Still an issue with 7.x-1.6-rc2

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Patch works for me too.

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This patch is a year old and the last update to the project was 2 years ago.