I'm using pathauto module in drupal 6 site.when i saved a park in one location with the same name in other location it overwrites it url and its showing only one park.
1.Gandhiji Park (In chennai,Tamilnadu,India)(nid - 7)
2.Gandhiji Park (In Allur,Andhara Pradesh,India)(nid - 8)
When saving the second node(nid - 8) it took me to the to the first one(nid - 7).Even I search for the first one it only shows the second one in search filter results.

I couldn't find the error..Could anyone help me in this,please...

Thanks in advance.


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Anyone getting this type of problem?

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Had the same problem.
Some old node were language-neutral, the new ones have a language (no multilanguage on the site, it just happened somehow).

Pathauto when creating alises somehow compares the languages.
The nodes with the same name, but one

function _pathauto_alias_exists($alias, $source, $language = '') {
  $pid = db_result(db_query_range("SELECT pid FROM {url_alias} WHERE src <> '%s' AND dst = '%s' AND language IN ('%s', '') ORDER BY language DESC, pid DESC", $source, $alias, $language, 0, 1));

If the old node has no language and the new one has, then it won't locate the old alias and dublicates it.
For a quick solution I modified the code