I was creating a new module when I realized that I couldn't import jquery.hotkeys due to an issue with i10n_client which has already load a jquery.hotkeys.js

Shoudn't we place jquery.hotkeys in the libraries directory?


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Drupal able to load another JS replace the exist one. No conflict at all.

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Title: jquery.hotkeys should not be in i10n_client directory » Support jquery.hotkeys.js as library
Status: Active » Needs work

We need to use libraries module as a non-required dependency.

In the following order:
Verify if function libraries_load() exists and try to load jquery.hotkeys.js
Try to load jquery.hotkeys.js within sites/all/libraries
Load our own jquery.hotkeys.js as fallback

The problem won't be solved if other modules are not loading this library from sites/all/libraries though.