Similar to #1025680: 6.x-2.0-serices only - admin/build/block does not show blocks from active theme except that it's happening to me in the latest 6.x-3.0-beta3 release. This was working fine in beta2 for me (i.e., I could see the blocks page in my custom theme) but since upgrading to beta3, admin/build/block now displays in the Rubik theme.

I'm basically unable to assign blocks to sidebar regions, now. Any ideas?

Only other thing updated alongside Rubik with the Tao base theme.


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6.x unsupported?

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I have this problem as well... currently have to disable the admin theme, change the block, then enable it again.

Any ideas people?
Thank you!

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Makes rubik pretty much unusable, since you can't edit blocks for your front-end theme.

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Ok, jumped the gun a bit. And those above, this may not be a Rubik problem.

For us, a custom module called dialog_add_js() in hook_init, which in turn calls theme_image and breaks this. See #219910: Calling theme function from hook_init() interferes with administration theme.

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fixing project issue number link

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The 6.x release is not being maintained. I'll apply patches but we are not proactively fixing issues.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

All old and outdated 6.x issues are being closed.
Maintainer support will be provided only for major / blocking issues.

If you feel like this issue should be re-opened, feel free to do so.