I need to modify the Bartik theme to take some of the height off the header region if I can. Groping through the CSS files, I came across this code fragment in layout.css:

#header div.section {

position: relative;


.region-header {

float: right; /* LTR */

margin: 0 5px 10px;

Is this the only control for header height? If I reduce the size of the Site Name and resize the site icon will that help? Thanks in advance for any wisdom.



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Look at the logo (#logo) line 295, #name-and-slogan line 299 both in style.css. The logo image also contributes to the height as does the main menu

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Also you can set the height using the header region in your css:

#header { height:XXpx; }

... as well as colours etc or you can set padding around your elements within the header such as the logo etc...

Hope this helps :)


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You should create a (renamed) duplicate of Bartik first (call it mybartik or something). This way, when Bartik is updated, you won't overwrite your changes.

It's very easy to do this:
1) Copy the Bartik folder to your /sites/all/themes folder and rename it
2) Open the bartik.info file in this folder and rename it mybartik.info (or whatever you have called your theme). Anywhere you see bartik in this file, change it to mybartik).
3) Open template.php and replace bartik with mybartik.

Upload the "new" theme to your server and enable it on your Appearance page.