Is there any way to have each record that exports include a link to the node (just the URL as a text string) in a column? I tried adding a field as Content: Title, then setting it to Rewrite Output as link using absolute path, but all it actually pulls into the export is the name. I changed it to just Rewrite Results (without the output as link checked) and it's close - my pattern is[title]. The problem is, if you don't use the Output as Link, there's no way to use the Replace Spaces with Dashes, so what actually outputs is something like New Node Page, instead of

Any way I can get this to work?


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Hi Emmy.

I just solved this exact same issue. I had a quick search around and found your question on here and also on StackExchange I think, but couldn't find anyone offering the exact solution.

Here is how I solved it.

I added a Global: PHP field to my Data Export view (you will need the Views PHP module to make that field type available).

Then in the Output code for that Global:PHP field I entered the code below, which takes the current node id (nid) and outputs the absolute (ie: including the full domain) url for the node, using the friendly url if you have those enabled.

print url('node/'. $data->nid, array('absolute' => TRUE));

That worked a treat for me. Hope that helps you as well.

Cheers, Jules

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@EmmyS, the module strips some or all HTML tags from fields for different export formats. See #1224894: Add an option to not strip tags from CSV export and #1868764: Don't strip hyperlinks from Excel exports.

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This is a duplicate of #1986780: Link/Url to node and an answer to the original question is posted there.

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Since I've been round and round today trying to get this work, I'll add how I finally got it. In order for Excel to see the field as a real, clickable link, you have to use the Excel =hyperlink(url,name) function.

In my Drupal view, I have a title field (hidden), a PHP field using @julescone's function to get the node's url (hidden), and then a custom text field with the following:
=hyperlink("[php]", "[title]")

When the Excel file is created, these fields are links displaying only the node's title. Unfortunately they are not underlined, but they work.