My previous online store used USPS Flat Rate Shipping extensively. The current USPS module does not support Priority flat rate shipping. It seemed simple enough to use the flat rate module but I am unable to access the order's total weight in rules which would act as a rough system to force larger (heavier) orders to Medium or Large Flat Rate as appropriate. From a bit of research it seems the Flat rate module is lacking integration with the Physical product API which would provide this functionality for rules.


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Perhaps my "bit of research" was too little. I'm now wondering if this is something that should be in Physical Product to expose an order's total weight and total volume as variables to use in rules. There is so much you can do on this platform without writing code. But I'm not sure if I can get the shipping functionality I need without a little help. If I could get physical properties of my order in total (total weight, total volume) I could write rules with the flat rate module to cover just about anything.

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Yep, we need to add those conditions to Rules; that should be a pending feature request in that project.