I've followed all the directions for configuration and setup.

I have a node with this bg tag:

In watchdog, BG reports:

Message Fetched XML from http://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/base/user/100640686316065878896?al... (3057 bytes).

Message No displayable images in /brilliant_gallery_temp2/bg_picasa_orig_f5f2943534c487d150bb72461a942f53!

BG creates the subfolder in my brilliant_gallery_temp2 folder, but there's nothing in it. No images.


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I had exactly the same symptoms, for Picasa and local galleries. I solved the problem putting a permissive .htaccess on both images and temp folder, and giving "access brilliant_gallery" rigth to the users supposed to see the images.

this is the .htaccess file :
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

Now it works perfectly.

Hope this helps, regards,

PS. thanks to Vacilando for this great module... A bit hard sometimes to make it works, but so powerful !