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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Plethora designs and builds Drupal sites. We collaborate with our clients to build attractive, efficient and cost-effective websites. Our client list includes non-profits and community organizations, professional services & IT companies, schools and education, manufacturers and distributors, health care consultants, architects and engineers, and those in arts and entertainment.

Talk to us! Call 877-515-6682 or visit

We've attended many DrupalCons and are passionate about supporting open source generally and Drupal specifically.

Some recent Drupal sites:
Search Technologies - Rider University; Drupal 6 to 7 migration and responsive redesign.
EIT Avionics - new Drupal 8 site. - non-profit with mapping and search

Drupal contributions

Submitted patches to numerous modules, helping out in the forum for new Drupal users, testing the new site's D7 version in beta.
See We're more active in the issue queues than the forums.

Some modules to which we've contributed patches;

Views Isotope


Joomla to Drupal (modifications for allowing JoomFish multilingual imports) - proper patch forthcoming, but complete working version of multilingual importer was already posted previously as a zip file.

Backup and Migrate Dropbox

Modules we've submitted code/solutions to (but not necessarily patches);

Webform Ajax Page

Nice Menus

Views Bulk Operations

Core / APC

Newly identified issues:


Other / Support

Testing the new D7 version of;


XML Sitemap

Site hack advice

Our forum posts