My site got errors and I am now reinstalling new site.
But it's not idential...

I am trying to import nodes, taxonomy, content types etc...via migrate module.
Is this efficient way to do it?
If you used other mathod that you think is better, I'd like to hear your experience.
Also if you also did the same way I am about to do(migrate module mathod) and it was good, please do let me know.

I am just wondering other options or confirmation. :)

Thank you!


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With features you could break down your website into exportable chunks of code. Then download and upload the modules and install them one by one.

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Sad thing is that the site got errors and I couldn't get it up...that's why I wanted to learn how to migrate d7-d7 somehow without site admin...access. :)
I learned my lesson on backup...
Thank you for your advise though!

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What errors are u getting ?

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Which is the error ?


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