I added a field to one of my field collections called supplier which references a supplier content type through the entity reference module (http://drupal.org/project/entityreference).

The problem is that that autocomplete widget doesn't work. I had to go and change the widget to Select List and then the supplier list works. But not with autocomplete.



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I also seem to have the same problem here. Basically the issue seems to be that we need to have already created the id (i.e. saved the field collection) before the auto reference will work

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Same problem here.

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The latest version of entityreference seems to solve some of the problems. The problem seems to be solved for entityreference (within field collection) that reference to content types.
There is one problem left: An entityreference field (within fieldcollection) that is associated to a view isn't getting any values... All other widgets get these values...