The whole Kickstart should be revisited to make sure we're coherent everywhere with labels such as : products, variations, content/product types...


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Will update this issue tomorrow.

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Still not ready.

Btw, #1696936: Add description for content type vs. attribute type distinction had some potential help text that could be applied to the new Ui once it's up.

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Okay, merged the initial version (

The previous code had big problems:
1) It still talked about "product types" and "content types", without saying anything about product variations and product displays.
2) It showed the "Product types" tab next to the "List" one on the products list view, so users expected they could go there, add a type, and be on their way.
Then, they couldn't see their type on node/add (duh) and got confused.
3) If you clicked on "Product types" from the toolbar you would get a page with two tabs (Content types and Product types), but as soon as you edited a product type or did anything else, once you returned, the tabs would be gone.
The breadcrumb was also wrong.

What I did:
1) Removed the "Product types' tab from the product listing view.
2) Changed the Content types screen:
3) In the Products menu in the toolbar, renamed "Product types" to "Variation types", removed the old UI, added a new one:
4) Simplified the variation type add / edit form, and added an option to create a matching product display type:

The help text will need tweaking, we'll ping Josh about that.
I'm open to further suggestions, this was just the initial work to remove most of the pain.

Note: I tried removing the product displays from the content types screen, and creating a new tab for them next to "variation types", but it proved to be impossible because of Field UI and contrib. Lost days on that.

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Moving to the Backoffice queue.

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