Would it be possible to allow users to remove the video field when they are adding the node, or when they are editing a node later (see image for how this is achieved with the picture field and file fields)?

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Title: Add the ability to Remove/Delete video fields form the node » Standard Remove/Delete buttons missing for multi-value video fields instances on node edit form
Category: feature » bug

Old issue, but updated Category from Feature Request to Bug Report and confirmed that today's -dev code still does not provide it.
Love the simple module.

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Eerrrrrm. So I have a multi-value video embed field. How am I supposed to remove a video I added earlier ?


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El Bandito - I think I recall that setting its textfield to blank and saving will work to remove said video field. Please let this queue know if you find otherwise.

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You're right. On the node edit form I deleted the content of the 'Video URL' and 'Description' fields and then saved the node. This got rid of the video.

It works, but its not ideal. Shame as this module is great for keeping things simple.

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Category: Bug report » Feature request
Priority: Normal » Minor
Issue summary: View changes
Status: Active » Postponed


I know his feature would improve the module UX, but it'snot a priority for now, given that video items are removed just leaving empty the Video URL textfield. This is the same behavior that includes some other core fields, like text or number.

Marking as postponed feature request, given that this is not a bug and I don't consider it major, at least for now.

If you want this issue included in this module, you could provide a patch which will be included ASAP.