For a content type I created custom field_test of List|text type, with items like


Then I try to use it in patterns to autogenerate aliases.
I want generated path to be /key1/1 and /key2/2
Pattern looks like [node:field_test]/[node:nid] and i suppose that it will do what i want, but...
Generated aliases are just /label1/1 and /label2/2


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minor correction

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Having the same problem. I think it relates to this #1220534: Fields in path which is now closed, but that relates to this #691078: Field tokens which is still open, and has been for some time.

I'm trying to work around this using hook_node_submit or hook_node_insert, but I don't have it working yet. I also feel this is kinda hacky, but whatcha gonna do :)

I'll post a response if I get it working.


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We use hook_pathauto_alias_alter() with modification of alias itself, then just bulk update.
But it`s just workaround.

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minor corrections