I need to translate the "Pause" and "Play" state indicators, and the help at /admin/config/media/flexslider/edit/default indicates this can be done using the String Overrides function. However, String Overrides cannot translate user-defined content, and indeed, it does not work when I try it. Neither can I translate it using the i18n translation interface.


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I can't think of a good way right now other than overriding the tpl files and adding the t function there (or better yet in a preprocess function)

I'll look into how other modules do user-input translations and see about integrating it.

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Version: 7.x-1.0-rc3 » 7.x-2.x-dev
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All strings are run through t() and should be translatable.

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That's what I had seen as well, they indeed are inside t(). But they do *not* come up in the translation interface. That's the problem. Just try it...

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I saw the same issue as in post #5 with the strings already wrapped in t(). The patch I am attaching here wraps a few more strings in t() that were located in the Admin pages (Previous/Next/Pause/Play), in the Advanced settings for each pager. A String Override was then able to apply the translated strings.

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Here is another patch that adds the t() function to text settings.

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The last submitted patch, 7: flexslider-translation-1676618.patch, failed testing.