Does Basic have plans to be responsive design ready out of the box?


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I believe the general idea of Basic is to be just that... Basic.

Responsive design is nothing more then CSS & Javascript so you can do it with any theme. You will just need to do a bit more effort with adding CSS/JS that you may not otherwise have to do.

What exactly did you have in mind for "responsive design ready out of the box" though?

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No worries, thanks anyway. I guess I'm asking if the default basic theme will be responsive itself. So developers don't have to add CSS to make Basic (without other theme changes) responsive.

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Seems SteveK is playing with grids in this branch so there may be a bit of this. The grid system of choice has not been decided upon yet though.

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I've started implementation of a grid system within Basic and decided on using Bourbon and Bourbon Neat for the grid. (

There's a preliminary outline within the 7.x branch which I've committed tonight. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Basic is now responsive out of the box using the bourbon grid framework. closing.

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