wtfm is the first theme I've fully developed for drupal. It uses the phptemplate engine and includes separate template and stylesheets for the home, login, and common pages. A couple javascript functions enable tableless layout with vertical centering. I intend to use it primarily as a basic template to be modified and extended to create other themes.

Probably the most noteworthy thing about it is the structure of the template files, where I've taken pains to more clearly isolate the php code from the html output. This should allow designers a little more ease and flexibility in modifying layout and styles. You can see the page template code here.

Once enabled, it does require that the navigation block be reassigned to the sidebar region.

The full source for the theme is available from my google code repository:

A live demo can be found here:

Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.


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the contrast is poor makiing for hard reading and at least for me makes the site uninviting

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I've updated this theme (now called 'abstruct'). It features a more controller-patterned logic to get as much php out of the html template as possible and distinct home page, login page, and default page templates. Again, it's not intended as a finished skin so much as a foundation for designers and developers to build their own themes.

Also, by popular demand, I've changed the default colors. It's still a basic grayscale scheme, but now with better contrast. (Thanks for the feedback.) :)



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The new colors make for easier reading.