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Last updated: July 6, 2012 - 17:36

Release notes

This release has support for version 7.x-1.0 of the Media module. The release CANNOT be used with 7.x-2.x branch of the media module.

See the README.txt file for a full list of companion modules and their recommended versions.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta7:

Issue #1673366 by lsolesen: Removed ctools as dependency
Issue #1671268 by Moloc: Fixed amount of media not shown.
Issue 1286266 by Moloc: Fixed proper permission checks.
Issue #1229982 by lsolese: Updated version numbers for dependencies for Media Gallery
Issue #1669610 by Moloc: Fixed title hover alignment on galleries page.
Issue #1391928 by Moloc: Fixed remove media checkbox not rendered.
Issue #1668068 by Moloc: Fixed css-classes for html5 themes.
Issue #1406106 by David_Rothstein: Media gallery default fields should not be set to translatable
Issue #1234068 by Moloc: Hides add gallery if user has no permissions to create gallery
Issue #1431344 by Moloc: Fix drag'n'drop across themes
Issue #1220862 by Moloc: Add drag'n'drop handlers to galleries
Issue #1107264 by Moloc: Use core functions for fields instead of FieldsRSIPreventor->getAllItems()
Issue #1289528 by Moloc: Fix drag and drop sorting of galleries breaks when a gallery is in multiple collections (terms)
Issue #1564338 by lsolesen: Fixes Undefined variable: offset i media_gallery_reorder_gallery()
Issue #1351592 by Moloc: Avoid warning on unpublishing when used with workbench_moderation module
Issue #1112466 by Moloc: Media gallery blocks no longer sort by most recent
Issue #1228094 by Moloc: Fixing gallery arranging not stored
Issue #1273544 by David_Rothstein: Make sure Media Gallery Block is deleted after deleting node
Issue #1603624 by damien_vancouver: Remove call to undefined function styles_style_flush() in media_gallery.install
Issue #1459594 by Moloc: Add libraries support
Issue #1270494 by David_Rothstein: Removed _node_custom_theme(), which doesn't exist anymore
by effulgentsia: Beta7 tag cut, so relaxing strict version dependency check on Multiform, so dev snapshots of Media Gallery are compatible with dev snapshots of Multiform.

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