We are working on a Drupal 7 port of the administerusersbyrole module in #908424: Drupal 7 port of Administer Users by Role. @axel.rutz already has a working version up in his own sandbox, and I have filed patches against that. We are using the module already. We really need a to get the sandbox project moved to the 7.x-1.x branch of the administerusersbyrole module so that others can more easily access it, help with development, and log/track issues. Working in an ticket that has almost 60 comments and is almost 2 years old is simply not workable anymore.

If you could grant me co-maintainership of the module, I'll happily pull the code together into a D7 branch and help get it to a release ready state.



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Thanks for volunteering, @mrfelton! I've granted you commit access.

I've been crazy busy with other projects — I've been trying to work through through the 6.x-1.x issue queue, and had planned to dig into the 7.x port soon — but not soon enough.

One stipulation: before tagging a 7.x-1.0 release, please include automated tests to check (both positively and negatively) all permissions changes introduced by this module — automated tests are especially important here since we're dealing with security. For the 6.x-1.x-dev branch, I wrote up a big truth-table and code to check it a few weeks ago — see http://drupalcode.org/project/administerusersbyrole.git/blob/refs/heads/.... Consider porting this to 7.x.

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Great, thanks. I've fixed up the Drupal 7 version, and all tests are now passing. I've cut an initial beta release. There is no upgrade path yet (some permissions names have changes to make more sense for Drupal 7 - eg. delete user is really cancel user on D7)/.

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