The rel module (renderable elements) makes it possible to have *all* the elements available in your manage fields screen. That way you can (for example) break out the vertical tabs into whatever you like, remove all the field groups in it, and put one thing in the main column and the other in the right.

This works for 90%.

The problem is some fields which become available through rel are not available in the manage forms screen. In my tests these fields are unavailable:

- comments (comments open or closed)
- url alias
- menu link fields

All others are available (authored by, revisions, date, promoted&sticky etc) and respond to region changes.


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I'm going to postpone this until these fixes are done:

If you'd like to submit a patch I'll test it and include it in the next release, otherwise the following release. I know this is an old issue but it might still be relevant to a lot of sites.

budda’s picture - fixed - has a working patch in comment #13

Any movement here ?