Hey klausi & recruiter folks,

I'd like to start a conversation regarding Recruiter and the Drop Jobs distribution and whether we could possibly collaborate on this down the road.

I am proud to keep track of the work done on recruiter and implementing some of those features in Drop Jobs and I believe the same work could be done in the opposite direction too.

For more information, see: #1661496: Duplicate functionality


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Thanks for starting this.

First I'm asking myself if we really need 2 distributions. Did you change many of the recruiter features (use different fields, different search index etc.)? I was too lazy to do a comparison and you can answer that faster. I was just asking myself if the drop_jobs module collection could be an addon to recruiter and does not have to be a distribution on its own (duplicating stuff).

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Hi klausi,

To answer your questions, a lot of the data structure is very similar and I did take from Recruiter in many places.

Here are the main differences:

  • Employer (Recruiter) has a simple profile
  • Organizations are a taxonomy vocabulary with fields (logo, address, company size, etc)
  • Apply to job functionality implemented with custom entity
  • Job recommendations implemented with custom entity
  • Reports built in
  • Subscription support (via Subs module)
  • Different business logic according to subscription plan (number of jobs allowed, favorites, etc)
  • Beautiful admin and user dashboards
  • Way cooler logo! :)
  • Other stuff I can't think of at the moment

Basically, Drop Jobs aims to be a fully-featured job portal out of the box, whereas Recruiter is more minimal in its approach, so we implement a lof of extra stuff but the core is basically a forked recruiter.

I'm wondering whether it might be interesting to merge projects and add some of the high-level functionality that Drop Jobs provides to the rock-solid Recruiter base.

- Alex

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It would be great if we can reduce code duplication, and have additional drop jobs features as separated modules that live in contrib, as klausi said.
Concerning the core recruiter, is there anything that has to change in order to make your drop jobs features working?

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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I've been thinking about this recently and turns out that I was wrong in my initial assessment. Drop Jobs is NOT a Recruiter fork, its got some fundamental differences in the concept and architecture. There is a some inspiration (and code) taken, mainly surrounding the Search API/Solr stuff but that's about as far as it goes.

Last I head Epiqo was working on the Recruiter UX, and that is something that Drop Jobs is really strong in so I do believe there is some collaboration that could occur.

You know where to find me :)

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Fixed

yep, i guess for now we will keep things like they are.

as adapting either distribution seems like a huge refactoring effort. recruiter is getting close to a final release and we would be happy to implement feature requests related to functionality provided by drop jobs as add-on modules.

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Sounds good. Let me know if I can be of any assistance!

- Alex

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