Since reaction rules are obviously embedded in event sets (subclass of rule sets) via RulesRuleSet::rule(), rules_rules_plugin_info() should reflect that.

On the UI front, there is no impact since RulesEventSet itself can't be embedded, and there is no UI for an event set. So, there is other way to add a reaction rule than from the default tab provided in Rules UI.

This issue has arisen from #1671344-4: Setting parent of plugin to incompatible container removes its current parent.

Patch follows.

#1 1672444-01-Make_reaction_rules_embeddable_in_event_sets.patch432 byteszhangtaihao
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432 bytes
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As promised.

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Title: Reaction rules should be embeddable in event sets » carify the UI-only use of the embeddable key
Component: Rules Core » Documentation
Status: Needs review » Fixed

As said over there, embedded is only used by the UI. That way we can actually build configs that embed other stuff than as what it is allowed in the UI, what might be useful in some cases - as in this one: Building evaluation optimized configs.

I've clarified the UI-only use of the embeddable key in the in-code docs.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Mentioned why UI is discussed.