Can you explain what are the differences with the existing Commerce Invoice module and if they possibly can be merged to only have 1 module that handles invoices ?

There is also the Commerce PDF Invoice which provides support for PDF.


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The purpose of Commerce Invoices is to enable invoice payments through Drupal Commerce, which is different than Commerce Invoice or Commerce PDF Invoice, as they are aimed towards generating an invoice and emailing it and generating invoice reports through views integration and rules integration, while Commerce Invoices basically allows sites to accept payment for the invoices they send to their clients by any payment method supported by Drupal Commerce

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Do you mean that Commerce Invoices enables the payment of invoices not linked with the products database at all?
Can we use it for negotiated wholesale prices, for instance?

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It can be used for any external invoice, it's purpose is to allow the payment of the invoice amount through your site using a Commerce payment gateway

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