sometimes i get two nodes created at registration with this pattern:

- at first a node is created with uid=0
- some seconds after (es: first created at: 1340791362 second created at: 1340791365) a second identical node gets created with the correct user assigned to it.

i have no issues whether i delete the node with uid=0.

any clues?



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I have the same issue. Sometimes a duplicated content profile node is created by the same user at the same time.
In my case, those 2 nodes have same uid.

For example, nid=100 by uid=5 and nid=101 by uid=5

So far it seems that it happens randomly from time to time..

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Same issue here to.
Any progress?

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Seeing the same. A lot of duplicate nodes. Not holding my breath since it's 4 years since last release.

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Pretty sure this is related to #964490: Duplicates created on node creation (save clicked multiple times) - possibly a duplicate?

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)