When you're at user/UID/orders/OID, there's no easy way to get to the admin page for the same order at admin/commerce/orders/OID/view.

The use case here, I think, is that customers who email the store for technical support will send the URL for the order they have received, and a staff member should be able to follow that link and then get to the admin section for that order.

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Here's a patch.

The access check is not as good as it could be, due to #1665544: users have access to admin order page for their own orders.

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This has annoyed me, too, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to have the link go to the edit page. The admin view is typically the exact same as the customer view, and I feel like I'll just end up clicking the action link and immediately having to find the "Edit" tab.

In light of the related issue being committed, here's an updated patch for review. Result:

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Love the functionality this would add, don't really see a downside.

joachim mentioned on IRC that he wanted it say "Edit" instead of "Update this order" and ryan agreed that might be better.

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Great, committed. : )

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.