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Release info

Created by: cgmonroe
Created on: June 28, 2012 - 21:33
Last updated: June 29, 2012 - 17:04
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Finally a new beta... with lots of new and fixed stuff... IMHO, this is really close to a v1.0 release... but that may be developer it needs more folks to kick it's tires first.


This release requires you to run the update.php process after updating the module files.

New Features/Functionality

See #1475272: 6.x-1.0 Release Candidate 1 Status for specific details. The highlights are:

  • A new ldapsync module that allows for bulk imports/cron based data sync of users from LDAP servers.
  • Support for defining settings and servers via a Features "module"
  • Support for Import/Export of settings via admin GUI
  • Modules refactored to use common functions
  • Various modules now have more API hooks for localized support (see [module].api.php files for details)
  • Full read/write support for Content Profile module
  • Modules have strong checks for duplicate names and e-mail conflicts to keep with Drupal account practices.
  • Support for Persistent User IDs to allow for definitively identifying users who's name, e-mail, and/or user id has changed in LDAP. See the README-PUID.txt file for information.
  • Lots of internal optimizations like only returning required attributes and using cache to limit DB and LDAP calls.
  • LDAPGroups now has a simple Access control rule structure to allow for Granting and denying access by groups.
  • LDAPGroups has a test group setting page that lets admins test what groups and access rights a specific user has.
  • LDAPGroups roles definitions can have map LDAP groups to multiple Drupal roles.

Bug Fixes (and more)

LDAP Integration Changelog

  • Issue #1664384 by cgmonroe Fatal error on viewing a user profile
  • Issue #1525752 by cgmonroe Original issue solution needed additional logic to allow for mixed mode users.
  • by cgmonroe Allow Drupal name to be null in ldapauth_drupal_user_lookup
  • by cgmonroe Made sure role lookup querys were case insensitive
  • by cgmonroe Added hook_ldap_user_groups_alter and hook_ldap_user_roles_alter to ldapgroups and ldapgroups.api.php doc.
  • by cgmonroe Allowed multiple Drupal roles to be defined in the group to role mapping area.
  • by cgmonroe Added a test user group mappings option to ldapgroups admin that displays groups found, access rights, and roles for a specific user.
  • by cgmonroe Converted ldapgroups "account creation" to ldap access rules.
  • by cgmonroe Improved ldapgroups admin screen layout and text
  • Issue #492082 by rjmackay, cgmonroe Provide option to disallow changing Username on user edit form
  • by cgmonroe Added ability to convert ldap users back to local users (on user profile page).
  • Issue #1279166 by cgmonroe Enabling groups overrides roles
  • by cgmonroe ldapsync now has a User Conflict resolution option to deal with existing drupal users who match LDAP users
  • by cgmonroe added a Sync Existing user only option to ldapsync
  • by cgmonroe ldapsync's optional search filter can now contain multiple filters and optionally have the default filter appended.
  • by cgmonroe Included ldapauth_users table removal in ldapauth uninstall function.
  • Issue #1550504 by superhenne,cgmonroe ldapauth_users table not created on update/installation
  • by cgmonroe Convert ldapgroups from $user to recommended $account for user handling.
  • Issue #805752 by cgmonroe Detecting Groups failing (when user has no groups and only allow from these groups defined).
  • by cgmonroe Restructured ldapgroups to support hook_ldap_user_deny_alter
  • Issues #897222 and #949560 by cgmonroe Added hook_ldap_user_deny_alter so ldapgroups (and other modules) could deny an ldap user access to server before account creation/login.
  • by cgmonroe Fixed features api so it worked with the new ldap.core structure
  • by cgmonroe Restructured ldapsyn to use new core functions and fix multiple issues
  • by cgmonroe Added caching to ldapauth_lookup_user_by_dn
  • Issue #862930 by cgmonroe LDAP should not be queried on every hook_user_view call
  • Issue #688502 by cgmonroe Changed "sync passwords" option text to be clearer about behaviour.
  • by cgmonroe Moved from authmap to checking account settings in a lot of places
  • by cgmonroe Converted from include and requires to module_load_include
  • by cgmonroe Fixed ldapdata bug that caused non-LDAP admin accounts to "blank out" profile info if they clicked on "Edit"
  • by cgmonroe Added hooks for site specific modules to create PUIDs and influence LDAP user id to Drupal User id mapping - See ldapauth.api.php
  • by cgmonroe Added/Restructured code to use ldapauth_drupal_user_lookup (map ldap ID to Drupal id) and ldapauth_drupal_user_create (create new Drupal user logic).
  • by cgmonroe Refactored ldapauth so "core" functions (used by other modules) are in includes\ file.
  • by cgmonroe (Related to many issues) Added support for Persistent and Unique IDs (PUID) - Requires update.php to be run
  • by cgmonroe Fix problem with server name and or machine name not being stored if they are changed in admin screens.
  • by cgmonroe Cache attributes needed by sid and op rather than just op.
  • Issue #1537556 by macman824,cgmonroe Lastest dev breaks ability to change AD password.
  • Issue #1475228 by antgiant LDAP Sync Block Missing Users is Case Sensitive
  • Issue #1475234 by antgiant LDAP Sync does show username of enabled users
  • by cgmonroe Create D7 style ldapauth.api.php doc
  • by cgmonroe Added machine_name as an LDAPInterface option/updated init code
  • by cgmonroe Optimized server info caching by converting to ldapauth_server_load calls.
  • Issue #1031425 by joelstein,johnbarclay,cgmonroe Return only specific attributes from ldap_read
  • Issue #1525752 by msielski,cgmonroe If "Remove email field from form" is selected, user email address can not be changed.
  • Issue #1209556 by johnbarclay,ericksm,cgmonroe Need to check for existing emails in ldapauth.module
  • by cgmonroe Feature revert now correctly uses machine names to identify existing server entries.
  • by cgmonroe Fixed PhP errors that occur if ldapdata attribute mapping still exist when the related *profile module is disabled.
  • by cgmonroe Updated field description to include default port numbers.
  • by cgmonroe Fixed bug with bindpw being cleared on save
  • Issue #1400154 by cgmonroe Ldapdata module support for updating LDAP attributes from Content Profile Nodes
  • by cgmonroe Added machine_name to database (requires Update.php run!) and support in admin screens.
  • by cgmonroe Fix coder complaints about messages.
  • by cgmonroe Added some common CRUD functions for accessing server info..
  • by cgmonroe Add server import / export via admin GUI if ctools enabled.
  • Issue #692670 by cgmonroe Integration with Features Module
  • Issue #62784 by adzuledu,cgmonroe: Mapping image-type attribute from LDAP
  • Issue #256226 by paolomainardi: Option to prevent new accounts from LDAP from being added to Drupal
  • Issue #1435486 by eiriksm: Coding Standards
  • by cgmonroe: Fixed arraymerge error if no profile fields defined
  • Issue #580786 by retsamedoc Standard LDAP Password Encryption
  • Issue #1253020 by superhenne,cgmonroe $profile_fields / $content_profile_fields messed up in ldapdata.module
  • Issue #594598 by eporama. Updated original to work on login page & test for admin.
  • Issue #1243564 by wadmiraal. translation fix.
  • Issue #594598 by eporama. Fix of error message on failed logon when reset password disabled.
  • Issue #514986. Error in error message when start tls fails.
  • Issue #3918612 by pembertona. Content Profile support additions and profile fixes.
  • Issue #514986 by jlea9378. Bad error catching when start tls fails. Produced extra errors.
  • Issue #406038. Fixed wording on fieldset for LDAP groups which allow automatic account creation
  • Issue #655918 by sutch. Fixed working of ldap server directions.
  • Issue #821776 by gibus. fixed use of t() function.
  • Issue #953744 by erikwebb. SQL error in ldap synch fixed.
  • Brought last head into synch Primary change was addition of ldap synch.
  • Issue #641558 by ShutterFreak : password field should not be trimmed.
  • Issue #171763 by retsamedoc : date support in profile
  • Issue #793586 by robb: error catching for fail to connect
  • Issue #986322 by lavamind: since email field is simply hidded, don't change in ldap
  • Issue #339821 by presleyd: Fix encoding for AD passwords.
  • Issue #636150 by patrizio: allow non ldap users to request new password.
  • Issue #417892 by johnbarclay: changed explode on , to ldap_explode_dn function to deal with escaping characters
  • Merged Head and Beta2 into head for 6.x-1.x-dev
  • Issue #514986 by jlea9378: start tls not working because of incorrect check. Patch by catfink.